Chin prosthesis

One of the beauty surgeries in face area which has a big effect on the face beauty provided that is done correctly, is chain implant which is known as chin prosthesis. The first and essential condition is one’s clinical examination by a specialist of plastic and beauty surgeon.


A product which is obtained from the toxin of a micro-organism and causes a temporary paralysis of contractile muscles. It will be diluted by a serum for injection. The best places for injecting Botox for beauty cases are line fist, forehead and eye corners.

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Extra skin in eyelids, both in low and high eyelid, is problematic and ugly. Extra fat in eyelids is sometimes problematic. By doing Blepharoplasty, you will have more attractive and vigilant eyes. Specialist of plastic surgery will make your eyebrows beautiful and make your eyes have a balanced situation with other parts of your face

Abdominoplastic Surgery

By passing the time, weight changes, pregnancy, previous surgeries and … the belly crust will be loose and drooping. It makes change in cloth sizes and select big size clothes, meanwhile the belly crust drooping causes one’s health problems and reduce his/her self-confidence. By abdominoplastic surgery, this drooping of belly crust is modified by skin […]

Liposuction, lipolysis, lipomatics, lipostasis

All the above subjects are actions for reducing fat volume of body crust. Any of these methods aren’t actions for fat surgery but the result of these actions are to improve the person’s size. In all of these methods, the extra fat of body crust will be extracted. Based on Ministry of Health and Medical […]

Breast surgery (Mammoplasty)

By passing the time, pregnancy and breastfeeding, women’s breasts are changed in form and shape and they make breast ptosis. Mammoplasty surgery is done by introducing the improvement of high weight in some cases and by the purpose of modifying breast ptosis and a sort of breasts. Specialist of plastic surgery is the only trained […]

Breast Prosthesis

Genetically some women and by acquired character, others have decreasing in their breast volume. In these cases, some methods like fat injection aren’t useful alone. The best action for improving the decrease in breast volume is implant explanatory (prosthesis) which refers to the conditions of under the Large Breast Muscle or under the available chest […]